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  • adj. unable to be eliminated.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not eliminable; that cannot be eliminated, thrown out, or set aside.


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  • It's rational to believe that irrationality is an ineliminable aspect of human mentality.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • The persistent presence of the mother's dilemma - the sense of loneliness, doubt, and abandonment - seems palpable and ineliminable.


  • Uses of the intentional stance to explain the behavior of computers and other complex artifacts are not just common; they are universal and practically ineliminable.

    Blurring the Line

  • Peirce's idea of the economy (or: the economics) of research is an ineliminable part of his idea of the scientific method.

    Nobody Knows Nothing

  • Campbell holds that while relational discourse is ineliminable, relations themselves come down to their foundations, the properties of their relata in which they are grounded (1990: 98ff).


  • Phenomenology, like all modern thought, must accept the unthought as the ineliminable “other” of man.

    Michel Foucault

  • After all, the fact that our intuitions conflict in the puzzle cases does not necessarily mean that there is some deep-seated, ineliminable incoherence in the concepts we're applying to them.

    Personal Identity and Ethics

  • The causally problematic feature here is this apparently ineliminable contextual or relational component of intentional mental states and goings-on.

    Mental Causation

  • He also allows that architectonic awareness may play a role in enhancing one's moment-to-moment experience, and may even play an ineliminable part in the understanding of some pieces.

    The Philosophy of Music

  • The physical state of a complex whole cannot always be reduced to those of its parts, or to those of its parts together with their spatiotemporal relations, even when the parts inhabit distinct regions of space ¦ The result of the most intensive scientific investigations in history is a theory that contains an ineliminable holism.



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