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  • adj. incapable of being cleared of clouds; unclear, indistinct, inexplicable


From in- + Latin enubilare ‘make clear’ + -able. (Wiktionary)


  • But Shade says in the poem that he cannot convey his ideas directly, but only through the interrelations between things ( "Not text, but texture"), and that he has a habit, as he states in the poem's opening lines, of projecting himself beyond death, into an azure mirror world (Zembla is pointedly both "blue inenubilable Zembla" and "the land of reflections").

    Reading Nabokov

  • For there is nothing in England to be matched with what lurks in the vapours of these meadows, and in the shadows of these spires -- that mysterious, inenubilable spirit, spirit of Oxford.

    Zuleika Dobson

  • And yet beyond Dorset and Zuleika, Noaks and Oover and Mrs. Batch and the Warden, it is Oxford, "that mysterious, inenubilable spirit, spirit of Oxford," which gives the novel its really deep intonation.

    Zuleika Dobson


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