from The Century Dictionary.

  • Unspeakable; unspeakably odious.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective obsolete Too odious to be expressed or mentioned.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adjective obsolete Extremely odious


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Latin infandus.


  • He said Mr Galloway's name was "infandous" - too odious to be mentioned in polite Canadian society.


  • And for that reason, Velshi said the minister is refusing to override the decision by Canada Border Security Agency officials under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. "What we are not going to do is give special treatment to someone who has bragged about providing 'financial support' for Hamas … and who sympathized with the Taliban terrorists who are killing Canadians overseas," Velshi said. called Mr. Velshi to find out more about the thinking behind the ban and what led him to use the long-obsolete word "infandous" - which the Oxford English dictionary defines as a word that once meant "Unspeakable, not to be spoken of; nefarious," but apparently fell out of use some time after 1708.

    The Lede

  • If they thought George Galloway was "infandous," what would they do with

    Peace, order and good government, eh?

  • And I think "infandous" will be the word of the day today.

    Hot Air » Top Picks

  • I'm sure we'll be hearing howls of protest from the valiant defenders of free speech that populate the ranks of the Bloggin 'Tories about the Harper government banning British MP George Galloway from entering the country to speak at an anti-war event in Toronto on the grounds that he's "infandous" … Seeing as the usual suspects worked themselves up into a lather of outrage over Britain denying Kurt Wilder entry into that country because of his anti Muslim views, I'm sure they'll be just as upset at this. latest blog entries

  • By the way, "infandous" is a pretty rich accusation coming from an odious prick like Jason Kenney, especially so given that just this week the Harper government reprehensibly flouted our own laws by allowing a suspected war criminal into the country to address a well-heeled audience of conservative supporters in Calgary. latest blog entries

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    2009 March 20 « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS

  • Filed under: Politics | Tagged: george galloway, infandous, velshi | 2 Comments »


  • Filed under: Politics | Tagged: george galloway, infandous, velshi

    George Galloway Barred From Entering…Canada! CANADA? « INTERSTELLAR TACTICS

  • Curiously, Kenney's 24-year-old yes-man, Alykhan Velshi, is a self-styled "moderate Muslim" who described Galloway as an "infandous street-corner Cromwell".

    Galloway and Canada: Who's the popinjay?


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  • too odious to be spoken of (e.g. the pudenda of Paris Hilton).

    January 2, 2008

  • That example will stick in my mind, sionnach.

    Thank you SO much!

    January 2, 2008

  • According to the news this word describes British MP George Galloway.

    March 21, 2009

  • Recently used by Canadian government representative Alykhan Velshi of UK MP George Galloway: "We're going to uphold the law, not give special treatment to this infandous street-corner Cromwell who actually brags about giving 'financial support' to Hamas ..."

    (quoted from

    March 26, 2009

  • JM just can't bring himself to mention anything infandous.

    February 17, 2011