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  • Q quail: dich'Valley quail (Lophortyx quite, be: do: - 'a: k'inin'-ts'eh [= 'not-noise is made-it californicus, California quail) is heard'] it is quiet, one hears no sound • na: k'ine Mountain quail • ts'ima'-xosin [= 'ts'ima'-it is'] it's quiet, a quiet (Oreortyx pictus) person; ts'ima'-ch'ixosin he's quiet; ts'ima'-xo: sing quarrel: ch'i¬idzehsdila 'they be quiet!

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  • "Meanin 'to say that layin' on of hands by the Lord's an'inted is necessary to reel j'inin 'in marriage."

    Desert Dust

  • An 'the money we'd save in a year, j'inin' the two households,

    In Simpkinsville : character tales,

  • Little John woz comin 'down the road f'm his place, j'inin' mine on yon side, an 'I met him -- jest like I met you bit ago, comin' up I'm your, j'inin 'mine on t' other side -- an 'him an' me we sot ourse'ves on the rail fence here jest like me an 'you're doin' of now; an 'little John he wuz pow'ful tickled about somethin'.

    The Heart of Old Hickory and Other Stories of Tennessee

  • Thar was a time when I believed that a feller with store clothes on was easy skeered, and I laughed when I seed 'em j'inin 'the army --' lowed they would w'ar out in a day or two; but they outmarched us fellers that follered the plow an 'when the time come they tuck their red medicine an' never whimpered.

    The Starbucks

  • "Jim wuz always a glutton," said the shiftless one, "but that won't keep me from j'inin 'him in his pleasant pursuit."

    The Keepers of the Trail A Story of the Great Woods

  • I was in my room j'inin 'your'n at the time, an' all at once it struck me that it would be a royal welcome to greet 'im with some sort o' joke, an 'while I was tryin' to study up some'n yore baby rolled out o 'the bed an' struck the floor with a thump.

    Dixie Hart

  • Tell you the truth, they was the 'casion of us j'inin' the church, them spells was.

    Sonny, a Christmas Guest

  • Jest as you does now, Dan Boggs takes up this question of luck where Cherokee Hall abandons it, an 'likewise the subject of savages where Texas Thompson lays 'em down, an' after conj'inin 'the two in fashions I deems a heap weak, allows that luck is confined strictly to the paleface; aborigines not knowin' sufficient to become the target of vicissitoodes, excellent or otherwise.

    Wolfville Nights

  • En w'at de matter wid Brer Rabbit dat he ain't j'inin 'in?' sezee.

    Folk Tales Every Child Should Know


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  • lining with rocks or bricks to keep the out out - ginging

    December 15, 2008