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  • v. Present participle of inlay.

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  • n. The art of decorating articles, as arms, furniture, objects of art, etc., with pieces of wood, metal, marble, ivory, tortoise-shell, etc., disposed in patterns and let into the surface. See buhl, damascene work (under damascene), and marquetry.
  • n. In bookbinding, the neat insertion (with proper cutting, shaving, and pasting) of a leaf or print in a larger leaf, with intent to give the inlaid matter greater security and a wider margin.
  • n. In printing, the insertion of the overlay made for an illustration between the sheets of the printing surface or between the plate and its support.


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  • Her processes consisted in inlaying contrasting colors in the green clay; in relief work in a variety of shades of clay; and of "pâte-sur-pâte," or ship decoration, in landscape and other effects, ranging in color from dark-brown clays, through the reds, to yellow and white.

    Art and Handicraft in the Woman's Building of the World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, 1893

  • This is termed inlaying, and is a very lofty department in the art of binding.

    The Book-Hunter A New Edition, with a Memoir of the Author

  • Tucson, Ariz., bicycle builder known for work such as inlaying mother-of-pearl into his frames, is working with prototype KVA tubing. -

  • Work with enamel led him to experiment with glass; he installed a workshop at his country house, mastered glassblowing and developed a technique for inlaying glass in metal.

    A Display of Lalique's Beauty

  • Many years ago, Marlin offered all sorts of grades with fancy wood and checkering, and engraving and inlaying.

    A Mighty Mini Marlin

  • Realised by fabricator Rosskopf & Partners, this involved inlaying thin strips of Corian into the wood.

    Michael Craig-Martin creates artwork installations in Corian

  • Both works exploit the exciting creative properties of Corian, using inlaying and marquetry techniques, and a range of specially-developed vibrant colours, to create intricate line-drawings on an immense scale.

    Michael Craig-Martin creates artwork installations in Corian

  • The Winchester Model 21, which is by no stretch of the imagination a fine gun, brings very serious money, and the engraved and inlaid versions command princely sums, even though the engraving and inlaying is done at a third-grade-art-class level.

    Why Big-Dollar Guns Are Worth The Money

  • Italian and German armorers produced both subtly decorated but functional-seeming garnitures and extravagant show pieces, contrasting high and low relief, delicate incising, gilding, and inlaying, with smoothly modulated steel, originally blackened for drama, as we learn from the portraits.

    Armor as Wearable Sculpture

  • On Friday morning he defined koftgari “inlaying of gold on steel” for the benefit of the thousands.

    High School Confidential


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