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  • n. The junction or connection of vessels, channels, or passages, so that their contents pass from one to the other; union by mouths or ducts; intercommunication.

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  • n. The junction or connection of vessels, channels, or passages, so that their contents pass from one to the other; union by mouths or ducts; anastomosis; intercommunication

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The union of two vessels of an animal body by openings into each other, so as to permit the passage of a fluid; anastomosis.
  • n. Hence Some analogous union or relation; a running together; junction: as, in botany, the inosculation of the veins of a leaf, or of a scion with the stock in grafting.

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  • n. a natural or surgical joining of parts or branches of tubular structures so as to make or become continuous


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  • On considering the circles of inosculation formed around the innominate bone between the branches derived from the iliac arteries near the sacro-iliac junction, and those emanating from the common femoral, above and below Poupart's ligament, it will at once appear that, in respect to the lower limb, the collateral circulation will occur more freely if the ligature be applied to the main vessel (external iliac) than if to the common femoral below its branches.

    Surgical Anatomy

  • The wide difference of the fish on the opposite sides of most mountain-ranges, which are continuous, and which consequently must from an early period have completely prevented the inosculation of the river-systems on the two sides, leads to the same conclusion.

    XIII. Geographical Distribution-Continued. Fresh-water Productions

  • Now Galen, explaining the use of these valves, and the necessity for them, employs the following language: 1 “There is everywhere a mutual anastomosis and inosculation of the arteries with the veins, and they severally transmit both blood and spirit, by certain invisible and undoubtedly very narrow passages.

    VII. The Blood Passes Through the Substance of the Lungs from the Right Ventricle of the Heart into the Pulmonary Veins and Left Ventricle

  • Heart of the same dog-embryo, from behind. a inosculation of the vitelline veins, b left auricle, c right auricle,

    The Evolution of Man — Volume 2

  • Since then there has been a perpetual inosculation of the sciences and the arts.

    Essays on Education and Kindred Subjects Everyman's Library

  • The wide difference of the fish on opposite sides of continuous mountain-ranges, which from an early period must have parted river-systems and completely prevented their inosculation, seems to lead to this same conclusion.

    On the Origin of Species~ Chapter 12 (historical)

  • But where shall we find the first atom in this house of man, which is all consent, inosculation, and balance of parts?

    The Conduct of Life (1860)

  • It should be added that the course of the vessels differs somewhat in different leaves, and even on opposite sides of the same leaf, but the main inosculation is always present.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • But the union of the vessels in this zigzag line seems to be much less intimate than at the main inosculation.

    Insectivorous Plants

  • By looking to either side of the leaf, it will be seen that a branch from the great central bifurcation inosculates with a branch from the lateral bundle, and that there is a smaller inosculation between the two chief branches of the lateral bundle.

    Insectivorous Plants


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