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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Psychology The act or process of intellectualizing.
  • n. Psychology An unconscious means of protecting oneself from the emotional stress and anxiety associated with confronting painful personal fears or problems by excessive reasoning.

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  • n. the act or process of intellectualizing
  • n. an instance of such a process

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A making intellectual; development of the intellect. Also spelled intellectualisation.

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  • n. (psychiatry) a defense mechanism that uses reasoning to block out emotional stress and conflict


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  • We saw Kristin’s philosophizing as a type of defense we called intellectualization.

    Coyote Medicine

  • Modern scientific and technological knowledge is a culmination of this process that Weber called intellectualization, in the course of which, the germinating grounds of human knowledge in the past, such as religion, theology, and metaphysics, were slowly pushed back to the realm of the superstitious, mystical, or simply irrational.


  • He uses this metaphor to account for the suspension of disbelief: "We suspend the rational process of intellectualization, which is to say, of the comparison of phenomenon to idea, which is a process too slow for the hunt."

    The Harvard Crimson | All Articles

  • The evolution of automobiles and electricity into nodes in the nervous system of a participatory and attuned city can now be seen as a next step in the "intellectualization" of the global system.

    Shinichi Takemura: Designing a Multiperson Planetary Consciousness

  • But mere insight is never sufficient, as it will represent nothing more than what is called "intellectualization," which is just another defense mechanism.

    One Cosmos

  • This man braged about not voting for the war in Iraq and now he is giving every conceivable rationalization and intellectualization using West Point as a prop. Grandiosity, grandiosity, grandiosity.

    Obama: More troops to be deployed in early 2010

  • "I like public sculpture because it exists outside of the gallery world, which can be pretty elitist," Mr. Ryman said, adding that outdoor installations reach a broader audience, and "the focus tends to be more on personal interaction than intellectualization."

    Planting Giant Seeds of Imagination

  • It seems to me that the intellectualization and aestheticizing of principles and values in this country is one of the things that's gutted our generation.

    intertribal: escapism as a luxury

  • It took a lot of conscious application to develop those tools, mind you -- study and intellectualization.

    the mystery flourishes best in times of acute anxiety and depression

  • I think I more or less know how the book goes now, although I don't have a good innate sense of its structure and spin, so I will be doing this one by pure intellectualization.

    still more puppy fix


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