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  • n. the design and use of optical or radio interferometers


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  • Since the end of the 1970s, hologram interferometry is a standard measurement technology for deformation and vibration analysis

    Lippmann's and Gabor's Revolutionary Approach to Imaging

  • Consequently, the team turned to a technique called interferometry, which involves combining the light coming from several telescopes to yield resolution equivalent to a telescope as large as the distance between them.

    New Images Provide Insight Into Our Sun's Ultimate Fate | Universe Today

  • The other, TPF-I, relied on a technique called interferometry, where starlight is split into separate beams and recombined so that it annihilates itself, like two out-of-phase waves colliding in a pond to form a placid surface.


  • And it points to the growing maturity of the kind of interferometry used here, linking numerous small antennae on the impressive new hardware of the growing Allen site.

    Centauri Dreams

  • In addition to many projects related to imaging, adaptive optics and interferometry that NASA has carried out with the Keck telescopes, the recent mapping of the sources of methane on Mars is just one example of important planetary science being done by NASA with these instruments.

    Weiler Seeks to Cut NASA Access to Keck Observatory - NASA Watch

  • The optical sleight of hand used by the astronomers combined the telescope's "adaptive optics" with a technique called aperture mask interferometry: using a a deformable mirror to rapidly correct for atmospheric distortions to starlight.

    New planet, the youngest ever found, is revealed by cosmic trick photography

  • He gave us our big "introduction to radio interferometry" talks at the beginning of the summer, so I learned a lot from him.

    Another NRAO TV Appearance!

  • InSAR is the hottest tool to use from space - look how totally hippie the Wenchuan earthquake looks like using interferometry.

    Archive 2009-07-01

  • We could even perhaps start considering large robotic missions be that to drill to an aquifer on Mars or through the ice layer of the Jovian Moons, or large scale interferometry with massive baseline distances and, thus, resolution.

    Moon Outpost or Bust - NASA Watch

  • The latest and largest ground based observatories are leveraging multiple mirror interferometry.

    New Uses for Constellation Systems? - NASA Watch


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