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  • n. The state or quality of being private or interior to the person

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  • n. State of being interior.

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  • n. The quality of being interior; inwardness.


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interior +‎ -ity


  • In linguistic terms, these two poles are aligned with the constative and the performative, the latter being not quite identical with the expressive, since that category assumes a certain interiority which is not requisite for the performative.

    Subjecticity (On Kant and the Texture of Romanticism)

  • Consciousness or "interiority" is posited (sensibly enough) as intrinsically heteronomousits own other, so to speak.

    Reply to Theresa Kelley

  • My remarks today consider two Romantic sites where a version of interiority is presented which seems to fall outside the usual way in which we think of Romantic subjectivity — the microscopic impulse in Romantic botanical theory and illustration and the way two Romantic poets, John Clare and Charlotte Smith, use botanic terms for poetic ends.

    Romantic Interiority and Cultural Objects

  • Learned a new word today: "interiority" - it means, being inside somebody 's head.


  • But beyond this, the idea of interiority was an expression of modernity itself.

    Intimations of Mortality

  • Thus the believer perceives what I have called the interiority and integrity of God, the resource and solidity of divine life: what is indestructibly solid in God is this life-in-the-other.

    Addresses given to celebrate the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Michael Ramsey: I. Theology in the Face of Christ

  • An 'interiority' too superficial to contact the truth lying at life's center; which no longer reaches the essential and everlasting, but remains somewhere just under the skinlevel of the provisional and the fortuitous.

    la nouvelle théologie

  • Kazan's direction judiciously draws on Dunn's still functioning charisma (his character is the best-liked, least-employed man in his neighborhood), his personal history (his character is an alcoholic, whose dreams of becoming a music hall star have collapsed because of his problem) and a new kind of interiority (Dunn needs no dialogue to express his anguish and tragic resolve when, on a fateful Christmas Eve, he looks at his sleeping daughter and realizes he will never be able to give her the education she deserves).

    NYT > Home Page

  • The world outside the human being lacks conscious intelligence, it lacks interiority, and it lacks intrinsic meaning and purpose ...

    Kenny Ausubel: The Revolution Has Begun - "The Shift Hits the Fan"

  • One could understand this view of the monastic vocation as being rooted in the same problematic principles that so often afflict the consideration of participatio actuosa within the liturgy today: a rather imbalanced view of activism which fails to consider the important form of activity to be found within silence, listening and interiority.

    Monastic Retreat in County Waterford: Thoughts on Fostering the Monastic and Liturgical Life


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