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  • v. To mesh between one another.


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inter- +‎ mesh


  • I have to intermesh my services in a variety of ways.

    Ill. Rep Tries Not To Lose Touch With Constituents

  • I am mired in intangibles which impeccably intermesh with static neurones still firing blanks ...there is no disorientation quite like the bared walls of blunted rectitude

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  • Genetic engineering will likely intermesh with these to produce "enhanced" or "designed" progeny to specifications.

    And Then There Were Too Many

  • It involves coordination of numerous major organs as well as an intricate network of tiny peripheral muscles that instantly intermesh.

    Knotted Tongues

  • Many of the complications in the study of change are related to the way those three systems intermesh.

    Rediscovering Institutions

  • (12:) Brain, now finally tuned to receive Channel 12 of The Skor, causes (13:) Left/Right brain lobes to intermesh in battle.

    The Book of the SubGenius

  • Yet in New York City, where communities of these professions mesh and intermesh and overlap, there are still streets which are, and which could be, to a trained eye, the habitat of financiers alone, and where at once all other wayfarers are seen to be interlopers, or at best mere visitors at a fair.

    White Ashes

  • During the clamping operation, the five hard and coated chuck jaws intermesh.

    Manufacturingtalk - manufacturing industry news

  • US defence colossus Lockheed, teamed with intermesh-rotor whirlybird maker Kaman, say that their droid chopper has managed to pass the tests set out for it by the US Marines under their

    The Register

  • It accounts for the ways in which the narrative intermesh (fit together) with particular kinds of semantic process, notably those of 'doing', 'thinking' and 'saying', and for the ways in which these processes are attributed to characters and narrators.

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  • v. 使互相结�?�,使互相啮�?�

    January 25, 2008