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  • n. A nerve cell found entirely within the central nervous system that acts as a link between sensory neurons and motor neurons.

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  • n. A multipolar neuron that connects afferent and efferent neurons
  • adj. Between neurons


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  • They discovered that the “molecular layer interneuron” functions as a “gatekeeper”, controlling electrical signals that leave the cerebellum.

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  • Loss of executive inhibitory influences may explain more violent or spontaneous out of control behavior, autism of all forms, and onset and progression of many neurological disorders from cortical to midbrain motor interneuron Parkinson's to ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and peripheral motor and sensory neuropathic disorders.


  • Electrophysiological measurements of brain activity play an important role in understanding signal propagation through individual neurons and neuronal networks, but existing technologies are relatively crude: Micropipette electrodes poked into cells are invasive and harmful, and microfabricated electrode arrays are too bulky to detect activity at the level of individual axons and dendrites, the neuronal projections responsible for electrical signal propagation and interneuron communication.


  • The specific biochemical workings of that signal are very complex and involve opiate receptors in the spinal cord, and a special interneuron pathway that facilitates communication within the spinal cord itself Opiate receptors operate in response to acupuncture in a similar manner as they do with drug intervention.

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  • This type of interneuron was thought to dampen activity uniformly across the cortex. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Columbia University neurobiologist Thomas Jessell has found that it takes middling concentrations of this potent morphing factor to produce a motor neuron and lower concentrations to make an interneuron (a cell that relays signals to other neurons, instead of to muscle fibers, as motor neurons do). Top Stories

  • In this set of experiments we focussed on interneurons, since the identification of interneuron subpopulations is difficult

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  • (J) The mean number of puncta is plotted for interneuron central synapses.

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  • Third, while mutations in rpm-1 result in defective presynaptic boutons at motorneuron NMJs, these same mutations do not appear to alter presynaptic boutons at interneuron central synapses.

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  • Whereas rpm-1 mutants have disorganized presynaptic terminals at motorneuron NMJs, we find that presynaptic terminals at interneuron central synapses of rpm-1 mutants are normal at a gross level.

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