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  • n. Plural form of interrelation.


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  • The system of the organism, of its countless parts, is united into a single entity in two ways: by means of a specific tissue which exists solely for the purpose of maintaining interrelations, that is, the nervous tissue, and by means of body fluids bathing all body elements.

    Ivan Pavlov - Nobel Lecture

  • And so I became interested in the kind of interrelations between whites and blacks during this period and how difficult it was for black people to kind of -- to kind of rest with this -- this question, you know.

    Remember Me to Harlem

  • To do so, it is highly important to take a country's political economy factors into account -- that is, to analyze the interrelations of political and economic institutions and processes that influence national decision making.

    Otaviano Canuto: Political Economy In a Bad Economy

  • While their early contributions on business cycles and monetary phenomena in the 1930s comprised quite abstract (though non-mathematical) economic-theory structures, their works from the early 1940s instead deal with the interrelations between economic, social and political processes.

    The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 1969-2006

  • Roig proposes an original typology – one potentially very useful for further comparative work – of the ‘families of practices’ found in the three digital projects studied, e.g. practices of production, distribution, organisation, self-promotion, etc, and their interrelations.

    Ph.D. Thesis Profiles Star Wars: Revelations and Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning Fan Films | Fan Cinema Today

  • "The view of other countries business practices, as well as the interrelations of these business, and how these relationships interact with emerging economies provided me with a new perspective that I can now apply not only to my professional life but also in my personal life."

    Virginia Commonwealth University

  • The word “religion” come from the Latin for “binding together,” to connect that which has been sundered apart … And in this sense of seeking the deepest interrelations among things that appear to be sundered, the objectives of science and religion, I believe, are identical or very nearly so …

    Alternative to Dembski's Theodicy?

  • What we begin to see here is not a simple schema of relative social status — overman, everyman or nobody — but rather a set of protagonist types defineable by the interrelations of the deontic modalities that act upon them and the boulomaic modalities they enact.

    A Theory of Modes and Modalities

  • As Jim points out there are probably some interrelations to be explored between media and the public.

    Economic Arguments, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • This is an especially suitable guide when there is so much yet to understand about the complex interrelations of diverse and unique eco-systems.

    Thinking Globally: A Universal Task


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