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  • n. Plural form of interstice.


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  • Moreover, it has to be created within what I call the interstices of the state.


  • Every one knows that the meshes of Acts of Parliament are not always effectual to hold every fish which they were designed to entangle; but when one of the interstices is powerful to capture it should not be cast aside in deference to its more lax companions.

    The Alexandra

  • "Agreed," said Dwight; and they accordingly leveled the stones off on the top, and put small stones in at all the interstices, that is, the little spaces between the large stones, so as to prevent the gravel from running down through.

    Caleb in the Country

  • The "interstices," as Mr. Bagshaw called them, to be filled up by the amusing talents of the elder Wrench and Uncle John's friend.

    Stories of Comedy

  • In the beginning no such periods, called interstices, were appointed, though the tendency to orderly promotion is attested already in the pastoral Epistles (I

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • If there is base-shift dewarping at all, it may only be as a projection of a beyond from which the quirk may have come, as an intruder into our world, as a lurker on its threshhold, or as an inhabitant of its interstices.

    Notes Toward a Theory of Narrative Modality

  • And we learned our lesson, we did, in our exile as outcasts, from that day on swearing to spread our message of empathy for those we do not know and do not understand, throughout the cities of the world, to rebuild our Sodom in the interstices of every other city, every town and village, in the bars and caf├ęs, in our words and works.

    On Sophistry and Subjectivity

  • The ulterior milieu is situated as a system of alterity dispersed throughout reality, hidden in the interstices between what is known.

    Notes on Worldscape

  • I think one could well argue that Shakespeare slowly but surely crafts a more subtle prefigura of Gertrude's death, weaves it through the interstices.

    Archive 2010-01-01

  • Interstitial art is found in the interstices of recognized category and genre.

    Boing Boing


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