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  • First saw this word here, in this context:

    "Once again, liberals fail to understand the simple concept of "intertextualism".

    Or they do understand it, and they follow Bill Clinton's most enduring quote "Deny, deny, deny."'

    After searching for meaning, I found the word (and meaning, sorta) here: What is Semiotics?

    "The second approach can be called "intertextualism". Attention is transferred to the relationship between texts. The notion of the "text" itself is universalising: it is claimed more or less categorically that the whole world is a text. The elements constituting a particular text are thought of as borrowed from and referring to other texts. It is not immanent structure but Reference and Quotation that become the main subject of interest and the generators of a text's meaning. Analysis is directed not to the relations between elements within the text but to the relations between elements and their constellations within a "semiotic universum" containing in itself all real and potential texts."

    November 9, 2009