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  • n. A video frame which does not depend on any other frame for rendering, but simply presents fixed image. Usually subject to spatial compression.


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intra- +‎ frame


  • These compressed frames are called intraframe or I-frames.

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  • Above that you have AVCIntra which records intact frames with h. 264 intraframe compression. Forum

  • The higher end production formats use intraframe only compression (e.g. DVCPro, DigiBeta, HDCAM, AVC-Intra) but MPeg2 is holding up well for mid level broadcasting where several recodes can happen between acquisition and home display. Forum

  • It uses considerable intraframe Bayer wavelet compression to get 24 bit RGB into 8bits (one byte / frame) or 40bits to 10bits. Forum

  • Compression of Moving Images We have looked at the compression of video sequences using intraframe (M-JPEG) and interframe (MPEG) techniques.

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  • Yes MPeg2 is all about intraframe and interframe compression. Forum

  • The AIC decodes AVCHD AVC MPeg to full resolution 1920x1080 frames with in-frame (intraframe) compression. Forum

  • The intraframe compression avoids the need for RAID which would be the case for full decompression. Forum

  • The best advantage of DV (over the various MPEG formats -2, -4) is that the compression is intraframe rather than temporal (no key frames). Forum

  • It appears that you might be dealing with MPEG2 intraframe (aka MPEG2 i-frame), which has a higher bitrate than DVD-compliant MPEG2. Forum


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