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  • n. Infiltration of the genes of one species into the gene pool of another through repeated backcrossing of an interspecific hybrid with one of its parents.

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  • n. The movement of a gene from one species to another

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  • n. The act of going in; entrance.

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  • n. The act of going in or of proceeding inward; entrance.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From Latin intrōgressus, past participle of intrōgredī, to step in : intrō-, intro- + gradī, to step; see ghredh- in Indo-European roots.

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introgress +‎ -ion


  • The result was an "introgression" of Neanderthal alleles into the human lineage.

    Last-Minute Changes

  • Whatever that allele does, it must have conveyed a very strong evolutionary advantage, because from that single event of what geneticists politely call "introgression" it spread to 70 percent of the human population today.


  • So it's still "far out," Harpending admits, but civilization could have gotten its start in an act of "introgression" with another species.

    Evolution: Who Gave Us Our Smarts?

  • For archaic humans, there is no test of the strength or permeability of boundaries between populations; it is common to use the term "introgression" to describe gene flow in such situations, even if such gene flow is fairly common.

    "So what did Neanderthal women do all day?"

  • Variation is spread across a mean, and they show that variance depends on the natural cycling of environmental conditions, heritability, introgression, and balancing selection.

    Biomolecular Networks

  • This evidence seems to indicate that some low level of introgression of Neanderthal genes happened in Europe after modern humans started coming out of Africa and before they colonized the rest of the world.

    Modern humans may have inherited some Neanderthal genes - The Panda's Thumb

  • Quantifying Neanderthal introgression by serial co...


  • They can cause local extinctions through competitive exclusion, niche displacement, hybridization and introgression with native species, and predation.

    Aquatic invasive species

  • Although hybridization and introgression between the crop plants and the wild relatives is a problem for farmers, it can be a blessing for plant breeders, giving rise to new forms both of the crop and of the weed.

    4. Pearl Millet

  • Rev. Henry Ward Beecher in an address delivered in New York on December 20, 1853, the anniversary of the Landing of the Pilgrims, referred to the opposition made to the introduction of stoves into the old meeting-house in Litchfield, Connecticut, during the ministry of his father, and gave an amusing account of the results of the introgression.

    Sabbath in Puritan New England


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