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  • The word invictus is latin for "unconquered" or "unconquerable" and is the title of a poem by Englishman William Ernest Henley, published in 1875.

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  • Latin is missing from my life, so, until I googled it, I didn't know "invictus" meant "unconquered."

    Pamela Ezell: Invictus Translation: Obama Needs Rugby

  • My ? where was viggo mortensen for the Road it was a lot better movie than An Eduction, invictus, the Blind side, The messinger, woody should have had the support oscar nomination for zombieland.

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  • He may never have shouted invictus to his audience, but his basic message was that the liberal West can prevail in the struggle against intolerance and malignity abroad.

    Jacob Heilbrunn: Invictus: Obama's Liberal Warrior Speech in Oslo

  • Clint Eastwood is icon and i like him better actor than a Director but i did like Grand Torino im not so intrested about invictus it not my type of film i sounds to me it more political than realy entertaing.

    Brandon's Word: Clint Eastwood's Invictus is a Thoughtful Success «

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