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  • n. A yellowish crystalline iodine compound, CHI3, used as an antiseptic.

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  • n. A halogenated hydrocarbon, CHI3; a yellow crystalline compound, formerly used as a mild antiseptic

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  • n. A yellow, crystalline, volatile substance, CI3H, having an offensive odor and sweetish taste, and analogous to chloroform. It is used in medicine as a healing and antiseptic dressing for wounds and sores.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To apply iodoform to; impregnate with iodoform.
  • n. A solid compound (CHI3) analogous to chloroform, produced by the action of iodine with alkalis or alkali carbonates on alcohol.
  • n. This substance, much used in surgery, is now prepared electrolytically from a mixed solution of alcohol with an alkaline carbonate and iodide.

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  • n. a yellowish crystalline solid with a penetrating odor; sometimes used as an antiseptic dressing
  • n. sweet smelling yellow solid haloform CHI3


iodo- + form(yl).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
iodo- + -form (Wiktionary)


  • The local action of iodoform (_iodoform dermatitis_) in some individuals is that of a decided irritant, bringing about a dermatitis, which often spreads much beyond the parts of application, and which in those eczematously inclined may result in a veritable and persistent eczema.

    Essentials of Diseases of the Skin Including the Syphilodermata Arranged in the Form of Questions and Answers Prepared Especially for Students of Medicine

  • A very efficacious and inexpensive powder is made by taking 5 parts of iodoform and 95 parts of sugar, making what is called iodoform sugar.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

  • It was a strange and frightful spectacle — the small, bunk-lined space, the floor and walls leaping and lurching, the dim light, the swaying shadows lengthening and fore-shortening monstrously, the thick air heavy with smoke and the smell of bodies and iodoform, and the inflamed faces of the men — half-men, I should call them.

    Chapter 26

  • “One crude stretcher stood next to the other,” he wrote, “and all were occupied by moaning, sweating, deathly pale men, who were gasping for breath in the thick atmosphere of excrement and iodoform.”

    Human Smoke

  • "One crude stretcher stood next to the other," he wrote, "and all were occupied by moaning, sweating, deathly pale men, who were gasping for breath in the thick atmosphere of excrement and iodoform."

    'Human Smoke: The Beginnings of World War II, the End of Civilization'

  • Nobody liked Dr. McKinney either: there was a smell of iodoform about him and of stale horse piss.

    From my Spam folder....

  • His naive eyes, his crumpled coat, his cheap tie and the smell of iodoform made an unpleasant impression upon me; I felt as though I were in vulgar company.

    The Wife

  • But the odor of the drugs, iodoform and phenic acid, brought me back to a sense of reality.

    The Kreutzer Sonata

  • In the years 1881-1883 he carried out important investigations on the action of iodoform, stating that it does not kill microbes but may neutralize the poisons given off by them, thus being antitoxic.

    Emil von Behring - Biography

  • Starting from his observations on the action of iodoform, Behring tried to find whether a disinfection of the living organism might be obtained if animals were injected with material that had been treated with various disinfectants.

    Emil von Behring - Biography


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