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  • May 08, 2008 at 11: 04 AM the president of ireland is largely a ceremonial head of state, directly elected by the people separately from parliamentary elections. the head of government is the taoiseach or prime minister, who is the one with political leadership of parliamentary coalitions. electing a woman president in ireland is significant symbolically, but the entire electorate is aware that she's been awarded a status symbol, and not real political power. so electing a leftist or liberal woman with no dynastic ties president is a way of making a statement about who the irish people would like the world to see them as, without having to actually award real power to a woman with no real political clout. by the way, rep of ireland has yet to have a woman taoiseach.

    Hillary As First Woman US President *updated*

  • But yeah i doubt book will be out here in ireland th same date.!

    Twilight Lexicon » Twilight: Director’s Notebook

  • Reply will blog it and try to get it reviewed in ireland

    John Joseph Adams » Get a Free E-Copy of My New Anthology

  • First of all I said sarcastically that obama banned the hand guns because most of you right wing freaks most likely would of said "man obama even has pull in ireland?" and second of all if you would have read closely (its not that hard) I said that if the authorities do thier job the ban will be a success.

    Ireland Eyes Gun Ban

  • I cant believe it. obama banned hand guns in ireland? its only a matter of time before he bans them here. then how will we protect our families and our homes?

    Ireland Eyes Gun Ban

  • Insurgents are a very difficult nut to crack, see IRA in ireland, and they're an outspoken political organization.

    A Commercial for Christmas

  • You are ignorant to a long history in ireland, so read a book and then comment you hipocrite

    The Hypocrisy of Congressman Peter King

  • Im a 17 year old kid living in ireland and i hate bush as much as the next european, but this song F***in rocks.

    Think Progress » “Bush Was Right!” — The New Hit Single Ready to Rock a Generation

  • How do I also get it to look in the field FAMILY_DESC_4 and FAMILY_DESC_3, etc., for the search term ireland?


  • Allowed to agents in ireland & Scotland280Bal due to Mr Bloomfield & carrd on2024 — – – – – – 475100475100

    Letter 350


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  • THE Irishman is never quite

    Contented with his little lot;

    He 's ever thirsting for a fight,

    A grievance he has always got;

    And all his energy is bent

    On trying not to pay his rent.

    He lives upon a frugal fare

    (The few potatoes that he digs),

    And hospitably loves to share

    His bedroom with his wife and pigs ;

    But cannot settle even here,

    And gets evicted once a year.

    In order to amuse himself,

    At any time when things are slack,

    He takes his gun down from the shelf

    And shoots a landlord in the back;

    If he is lucky in the chase,

    He may contrive to bag a brace.


    Procure a grievance and a gun

    And you can have no end of fun.

    (Harry Graham : Baby's Baedeker)

    February 9, 2009