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  • n. A decrease in the blood supply to a bodily organ, tissue, or part caused by constriction or obstruction of the blood vessels.

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  • n. Local disturbance in blood circulation due to mechanical obstruction of the blood supply (vasoconstriction, thrombosis or embolism).

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  • n. In pathology, local anemia produced by vasoconstriction or by other local obstacles to the arterial flow.

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  • n. local anemia in a given body part sometimes resulting from vasoconstriction or thrombosis or embolism


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

New Latin ischaemia, from Greek iskhaimos, a stopping of the blood : iskhein, to keep back; see segh- in Indo-European roots + haima, blood.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Ancient Greek ἴσχω, ἰσχάνω ("to hold") + αἷμα (haima, "blood").


  • In any case, in either language, I wasnt familiar with the word ischemia, it turned out to be, a localized anemia that obstructed arterial blood flow; I would find it in the dictionary much later.

    The Italian Summer

  • The treatment failed in a Phase III study to demonstrate superiority compared with a placebo in preventing major amputation or death for patients of critical limb ischemia, which is characterized by the obstruction of arteries and decreasing blood flow to hands, legs and feet.

    Sanofi's Blood Vessel Drug Fails Trial

  • Lowry et al. reported the rapid depletion of the normally significant amount of G16P2 during mouse brain ischemia.

    Irwin Rose - Autobiography

  • This condition, known as ischemia, may not result in permanent damage to the myocardium.

    Healing the Female Heart

  • This denial of oxygen-bearing blood—called ischemia—is much the same as what happens in a heart attack.

    The Great Bridge

  • The stoppage of blood flow that occurred in the mice, known as ischemia, is a common effect of

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • When this "demand-related" dilation of blood vessels is impaired, vital organs, including the heart, can become starved of life-sustaining oxygen due to reduced blood flow (also known as ischemia).

    MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory

  • How much of the heart muscle, according to stress testing, is being starved for blood and oxygen (a condition known as ischemia); and

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  • Those with the gene variation are three times more likely to experience dangerous decreases in blood flow to the heart - a condition doctors call ischemia - than heart disease patients without it.

    University of Florida News

  • The researchers injected the VEGF-containing matrix solution into mice suffering from restricted blood flow, known as ischemia, in one leg.

    Science Blog - Science news straight from the source


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