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  • interj. Spoken by a player before adjusting a piece on the chessboard, to indicate that he or she is not making a move in the game.

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  • n. An expression in chess by which a player notifies his adversary that he is merely adjusting one or more pieces on the board without intending to play either. Any form of stating the fact may be used.


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French, literally "I adjust".


  • If a player touches a man with the sole object of adjusting his position, he must indicate his intention by saying "j'adoube"

    Chess and Checkers : the Way to Mastership

  • Your question reminds me of another hypothetical situation: suppose someone is going to adjust a piece, and instead of saying "j'adoube" or "I adjust" accidentally says "en passant."

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • One can make a correction in a script and save oneself the scorn by announcing "Got a show saver" first, much like saying "j'adoube" in chess."

    Archive 2005-04-17

  • May 2008 (CDT) genes vincents, no doubt - missing note was the one on the french talk page - but you've seen that. thanks for yours. i've had a look at my contributions, + there's a little bit for every day. i've also been listening to the cricket + playing chess - i'm a very average player, but it means a lot of staring at the screen without moving ... ah, i see i'm typing on the french page - i'll see if i can't alert you more successfully this time. words in italics are to be considered but have not yet been entered words in bold are clearly appropriate and have been entered words in strike-through text have been considered but not entered adieu attaché au revoir avenue avoirdupois badinage bagatelle baroque barque barrage beige beret bezique bourgeois buffet bureau burlesque cadet cagoules? carousel cerise chalet chassis cheque chic cigarette clique college [?] colporteur [check] conduit cravat [?] crèche cretin [?] crevasse crevice dame denouement depot eau de nil encore euchre faux ami faux pas figurine? grille grotesque guillemot hotel? image? j'adoube latrine layette lieu macabre madeleine malice mangetout margarine? marmalade marionette massage mauve misère ouvert moquette mosaic? moustache nuance panache papillon parapet parole patois pipette police précis promenade puce queue reservoir restaurant roux sage salon sardine savant serviette silhouette solitaire suede suite tambourine torque unique urine?

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  • This term is used in Chess to mean "adjust". In tournament chess, if you touch a piece, you must move it. If you want to fix the position of a piece in its square, you have to acknowledge you are not intending on moving it.

    February 21, 2007