from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. Any of several tropical American trees or shrubs of the genus Jacaranda, having pinnately compound, opposite leaves and panicles of pale purple flowers with funnel-shaped corollas.
  • n. The wood of this tree or a wood similar to it.

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  • n. Any of several trees, of the genus Jacaranda, from tropical South America, that have pale purple, funnel-shaped flowers
  • n. The hard, dark wood of these trees


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Portuguese jacarandá, from Tupi, having a hard core, hard branch.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Portuguese jacarandá, from Old Tupi yacaranda.


  • The French have given the name jacaranda to rose-wood, under the idea that the plant called jacaranda by the Brazilians yields it, which is not the case; "the same word has perhaps been the origin of palisander -- palixander, badly written."

    The Art of Perfumery And Methods of Obtaining the Odors of Plants

  • Olive, Cyprus and eucalyptus trees give shape and shade; jasmine, rosemary and jacaranda perfume the entire estate.

    What Does A $75 Million Luxury House Look Like?

  • In this film, Williams ends up in Heaven, and I particularly flash back to brilliant hues, and, in particular, a blue jacaranda tree, the second favorite of my wife Pearl.

    Patrick Takahashi: Suicide Dreams

  • There are trees and lots of bugambilla and jacaranda, and a modest weekly market tucked in there.

    Page 3

  • My NaNo last year made reference to the jacaranda trees here in Brisbane and is a post environmental apocalyptic version of Brisbane called New Brisbane (no points for ingenuity!).

    Know Your Setting « Write Anything

  • The street is lined with jacaranda trees that leave purple droppings everywhere, in the fall the flowers turn yellow and orange, they leave sap on the cars.

    Yukon Mining Company

  • It had a brown picket fence to match, a straight brick walk, some tall trees, jacaranda and camphor, spreading over a clipped green lawn.

    Shortcut Man

  • The thing I wait around for is the summer blooming of the jacaranda trees — they spread out everywhere and there are these big splashes of purple across the landscape.

    An Interview with Angela Slatter

  • Perched on a cow-skin chair under a jacaranda tree in a village in Chibombo, a rural province abutting urban Kabwe, the softly spoken single mother explains how a 100,000 Kwacha about £13 loan kickstarted a profitable confectionery trade.

    Zambia's young people want to work

  • He reached out and touched the cool, smooth surface of the massive door frame, a deep jacaranda carved in the likeness of the naked goddess Maril.



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