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  • n. Jagged artifacts in raster graphics, such as those caused by resizing a bitmap image without preserving its aspect ratio.


jaggy or jagged with diminutive -ie and plural -s. (Wiktionary)


  • The video output from budget-level players can often suffer from jagged edges (aka jaggies), but with the BDP-S360 we experienced no such problems.

    PC Advisor News

  • BCC DV Fixer - soften or remove diagonal stair-step lines (aka jaggies) from a clip captured with a lower-quality camera.

    Creative COW News

  • This also removes the 'jaggies' during the video signal deinterlacing process, resulting in smooth progressive-scan video images.

    HDTV Magazine

  • Once again, the PS3 build was demoed and continues to be plagued with texture "jaggies" common of Unreal Engine games on the platform.


  • Given the TV has the THX stamp of approval it did indeed perform well with our HD synthetic image tests, acing all of them bar noise levels, which means it will clean up most image artefacts like judder and "jaggies" but noisy content won't be gussied up.

    CNET Australia

  • The detail portions of the disc were absolutely gorgeous, and the player passed through all of the "jaggies" tests with flying colors.

    Big Picture Big Sound - Home Theater, HDTV, Movie Reviews

  • Hopefully anyone else with this problem will google "jaggies" or whatnot! Forum

  • The NVIDIA Lumenex Engine supports 128-bit and 64-bit floating point HDR with up to 16X anti-aliasing, delivering vividly realistic lighting effects while obliterating "jaggies". RSS Feed - Daily Deals

  • But if you are planning to shoot and then edit the video on your Mac, interlaced video will create unwanted "jaggies" when there's camcorder or subject movement.


  • However, one common video artifact is "jaggies" where diagonal lines are jagged instead of straight.

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