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  • proper n. Alternative capitalization of Jamahiriya


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  • The so-called jamahiriya system that he set up is designed to give the appearance of a government, with a series of People's Committees and People's Congresses. Top Stories

  • The so-called "jamahiriya" system that he set up is designed to give the appearance of a government, with a series of People's Committees and People's Congresses.

  • He even created a weird Arabic neologism for his country, calling it a "jamahiriya," unique among nations.

    Time to stand up to Libya's madman

  • But soon after, Gadhafi created the jamahiriya system of governance, based on a thin book of political philosophies he authored called The Green Book.

    Libya's Moammar Gadhafi under threat as never before

  • The demise of Qadhafi will not entail the collapse or end of the jamahiriya system, as this has been embedded into Libya's political landscape by more than 30 years of practice.

    Libya's Political Future

  • Instead, Qadhafi ultimately may have to be succeeded by a combination of leaders, operating a new system of leadership sufficient for the jamahiriya to continue.

    Libya's Political Future

  • On the contrary, no individual could fully replace Qadhafi, whose role and status is uniquely tied to the 'revolution' that he brought to Libya through the 1969 coup, and the jamahiriya political system (of theoretical direct democracy) that he developed during the 1970s.

    Libya's Political Future

  • He doesn't see the uprising as a mass rebellion against his leadership but as a flare-up of old tribal rivalries - a reactionary movement bent on destroying the revolutionary spirit of the world's first and only people's jamahiriya.

    The Guardian World News

  • "Gadhafi's sort of joke jamahiriya system has mutated into some kind of crony capitalism," Marks said.

  • An engineering graduate, Figliozzi was among more than 100 young Italian women who were today recovering their equilibrium after a characteristically bizarre encounter with the "guide of the first of September great revolution of the socialist people's Libyan Arab jamahiriya".

    Mail & Guardian Online


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  • Wikipedia:
    Jamahiriya (Arabic جماهيرية, strict transliteration ǧam�?hīriyya) is an Arabic term generally translated as "state of the masses." The term, a neologism coined by Muammar al-Gaddafi, is intended to be a generic term describing a type of state, like a "republic ruled by the masses."

    In practice, the only state to which the term has ever been applied is Libya, of which Gaddafi is the Caid (translated Leader; strict transliteration Q�?ʼid).

    December 6, 2008