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  • n. Someone who jaunts.
  • n. A person who operates a jaunting car.


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  • He had been prevailed upon, against his better judgment, to allow his cousin, then Miss Eve Morris, to offer hospitality to the children while his mother recovered from a lengthy indisposition, but he had been disturbed to learn that she had abandoned them in order to jaunter off to London to enjoy the Season.

    Slightly Married

  • Abruptly he sat up and asked, in a voice dripping with sarcasm, whether she'd enjoyed her little jaunter with the marquess.

    The English Witch

  • Like every member of the Dagenham staff, he was an M class jaunter, capable of teleporting a thousand miles a jump indefinitely, and familiar with thousands of jaunte co-ordinates.

    The Stars My Destination

  • He followed the Jack-jaunter into the living room and watched him with detached interest.

    The Stars My Destination

  • A shirt cuff, inadvertently dipped into an acid solution of PyrE, long abandoned along with the shirt, and now worn under his mink suit by a Jack-jaunter, blasted off the wrist and hand of the Jack-jaunter in one fiery amputation.

    The Stars My Destination

  • Suppose a Jack-jaunter gets in and cracks the safe, looking for goodies?

    The Stars My Destination


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  • 'Well, I won't have you jauntering about with her any more!' said Sherry, in a very imperious style. 'Mind that!'

    —Georgette Heyer, Friday's Child

    Not in OED (in any sense), but there are ghits and Google Books hits showing it going back some time; as a verb, usually construed with 'about'. I can't tell if it's from a particular regional dialect. Also occurs as a noun, synonym of 'jaunt'. Also of course an agent noun formed from 'jaunt'.

    January 14, 2009