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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, situated at, or operating at a junction

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  • Pertaining to a junction: as, “junctional lines,”


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  • Humans that have a mutation in laminin-332 genes (at least 3 different LAMA genes), on the other hand, suffer a condition called junctional epidermolysis bulossa (or JEB) also characterized by severe skin layer separation and blistering.

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  • In conclusion, our study revealed effects of Cavβ subunits on the structural organization of Ca v1. 2 calcium channel in the plasma membrane in the absence of "junctional" interactions.

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  • Because untransfected COS1 cells do not express endogenous calcium channels, they lack natural intracellular partners (e.g., cardiac RyR2) in proximity of exogenous Ca v1. 2 channels that might promote their clustering through "junctional" coupling

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  • This "junctional diversity" adds over 1,000 possible antibody combinations.

    James A. Shapiro: Purposeful, Targeted Genetic Engineering in Immune System Evolution

  • Robert Redford has intradermal nevi, Sarah Jessica Parker had a junctional nevus on her chin which recently was surgically removed, Cindy Crawford has a junctional nevus near her lip, and Marilyn Monroe had a very famous benign melanocytic nevus.

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  • One type is a flat, dark brown spot (a benign melanocytic nevus), another is pigmented and slightly raised (a junctional nevus), and there are also flesh-colored bumpy moles (intradermal nevi).

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  • Exactly the picture which one would predict would facilitate the occurrence of random integration of a transposable element within a primordial antigen receptor gene, causing junctional diversification that is, protein variation at the excision site, and therefore an increase in target binding ability: the “transposon hypothesis” for adaptive immune system evolution.

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  • For amorphous silicon, stabilized efficiencies of mono-junctional laboratory cells rose from less than 1 percent to more than 6 percent in the same period.

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  • Along this line of research, Marilyn Farquhar and I investigated the capillaries of the renal glomeruli and recognized that, in their case, the basement membrane is the filtration barrier for molecules of 100A diameter or larger; a byproduct of this work was the definition of junctional complexes in a variety of epithelia.

    George E. Palade - Autobiography

  • That same air is present in the three elements of effort, exertion and power, and in that condition it is called Udana air by persons learned in physical science, and when manifesting itself by its presence at all the junctional points of the human system, it is known by the name Vyana.

    The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa, Volume 1 Books 1, 2 and 3


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