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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of juxtapose.


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  • Stott once again juxtaposes science with a tale of love, mystery and intrigue, setting this volatile mix against a backdrop of critical events in post-Revolutionary France … Skillfully embeds early 19th-century culture, history, and attitudes into a story that.

    The Coral Thief: Summary and book reviews of The Coral Thief by Rebecca Stott.

  • Sure, the phrase juxtaposes two theological positions that many Unitarian Universalists believe stand in opposite corners — which is always fun!

    Philocrites: Uh oh: Here come the Christian humanists!

  • The film, whose title means "strife" in Arabic, juxtaposes verses from the Koran with images of beheadings, attacks by Islamic terrorists, and clerics calling for jihad.

    Armenian News - PanARMENIAN.Net

  • David Bernstein juxtaposes Elliott Abrams’ profession of faith in the Abrahamic convenant (sic) with his pledge of loyalty to our country and his commitment to reconcile the two.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Jews, Liberalism, Nationalism–Some Interesting Historical Continuities

  • On this website, he takes his photographs and juxtaposes them in order to suggest new, and often very playful meanings, asquirkilydemonstrated by their titles.

    Jason Nocito Photography

  • The show, celebrating the Danish European Union presidency, juxtaposes pieces by the 73-year-old artist with unusual landscape paintings by Dadaist Kurt Schwitters.

    What's On Around Europe

  • In "I might die before I get a rifle: Untitled_Device I," which shows a rubber-gloved hand holding a mortar shell, Mr. Raad juxtaposes an inkjet-printed image with an explanation that attributes the work to a fictional ammunitions expert in the Lebanese Army, named Hannah Mrad.

    A Prize Born in Violence

  • The work juxtaposes 13 portraits of religious figures, like Ayatollah Khomeini and Jerry Falwell, around a conference table; the mouths on the portraits have been replaced by video screens that present texts of the figures' own speeches, interrupted by stray words like "money" and "future."

    Defying Artistic Boundaries

  • Director Lu Chuan juxtaposes epic scenes of mass carnage with the intimate stories of characters both real and invented, including the compassionate Nazi businessman John Rabe (John Paisley) who stands up to the Japanese (shades of "Schindler's List"), a heroic prostitute (Jiang Yiyan), and a young, conscience-stricken Japanese soldier (Hideo Nakaizumi).

    The View From the Mountaintop

  • Note the way he juxtaposes an insistence that we be oh-so-sensitive to the feelings of confederate sympathizers, with his chortling glee at the use of the fake-confederate flag as a tool to annoy “people like Joe from Lowell.”

    Matthew Yglesias » Pro-Slavery


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