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  • n. A body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, often based on an esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.
  • n. A secret doctrine resembling these teachings.

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  • n. Alternative spelling of Kabballah.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Medieval Latin cabala, from Hebrew qabbālâ, received doctrine, tradition, from qibbēl, to receive; see qbl in Semitic roots.


  • Cleaning up nuclear contamination is too important to be left to the scientists: Madonna, whose interest in kabbalah is well known, was recently observed (by an undercover BBC reporter, according to the New York Post) trying to rid Chernobyl of excessive radiation by means of "a weird religious service, which started with prayer readings and chanting that culminated in everyone turning to the east, pushing the air with their hands, and crying out 'Cher-er-er-er-nobyl' at the top of their voices."

    Fatwa City

  • Concepts and images of heaven and earth have a global history, but "The Breaking of the Vessels" pertains to the lore of Jewish mysticism known as kabbalah.

    SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter

  • Says the LA Times: The word "kabbalah" was not mentioned in the ... class, but its presence seemed unmistakable.


  • The claims follow previous whispers the married baseballer will also travel to Malawi with the singer, 50, at some point to donate money to her 'kabbalah' school for orphans.


  • Michael · April 22nd, 2004 at 10:01 am typical cult behavior. also, i had a secret suspicion that madonna got close to britney rather than xtina bec, she could influence her more. the rules of her kind of kabbalah are you can only be friends with others in the cult. maybe she’ll cull all the pop stars we hate and then we can ignore them in one huge group!

    Material Girl Pulls A “Frummer Than Thou” | Jewschool

  • "But I can also tell you that there's a deep theurgic impulse in kabbalah, meaning attempts to manipulate the Divine.

    Latest Articles

  • Star of/Magen David ornament w home bless kabbalah 6″

    Home Star | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles

  • It is, as the kabbalah makes clear but as can be seen in retrospect to have always been the case, a system of spiritual commerce with higher planes of being.

    jhvh is the enemy of god and man

  • The Talmud, the kabbalah, etc. merely expand this confusion. moonkoon says:

    jhvh is the enemy of god and man

  • Berman's love of the printed word and his appreciation of the spiritual dimension of words and letters was manifest in his study of kabbalah, his use of random Hebrew lettering and words in his art, and his adoption of the Hebrew letter "Aleph" as his own identifying symbol.

    Tom Teicholz: Wallace Berman: The Aleph Male


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  • Accent is on the 3rd syllable: kab bal AH . From the Hebrew "to receive;" literally, "the received or traditional lore."

    Kabbalah: Esoteric Judaism

    January 19, 2009