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  • n. a Japanese business practice of continuous improvement in performance and productivity
  • n. continuous improvement in a general way


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From Japanese 改善 (かいぜん, kaizen); introduced to English in 1959, by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, in his book Japanese Etiquette and Ethics in Business.


  • It is what we call kaizen or continuous improvement.

    People don't Hold Back in India

  • The Lean Promotion Office should be small, except for periods when excess employees from line jobs are being redeployed and put to work on short-term kaizen projects.

    Lean Thinking

  • This is often referred to as kaizen … a Japanese word for improvement.

    Internet Business Coaching by Terry Dean

  • To fully explain the Japanese term kaizen (kigh-zen), or "continuous improvement," requires as many as a thousand words or more (there is a whole book on the subject).

    Japundit - Published news

  • Baby Boomers who have been in business are familiar with the Japanese word "kaizen", which when used in the context of Western manufacturing and other industrial and business processes is usually translated as "continuous improvement": Tony Robbins re-badged "kaizen" as CANI - "Continuous And Never-ending Improvement."

    Diva Marketing (Blog)

  • What Toyota has realized is the difference between merely having a process for kaizen a Japanese word for “improvement”, and a culture with a kaizen attitude.


  • He spoke of kaizen, the Japanese word for “endless improvement and innovation.”

    The Elegant Solution

  • The system demands that workers be multi-skilled and active team members who constantly look for ways to streamline the production system in what is called the kaizen (improvement) system.

    IOL: News

  • The main goals of the approach, known as kaizen, are to reduce waste and to increase value for customers through continuous small improvements.

    NYT > Home Page

  • Imai was instrumental in introducing the idea of kaizen to Western managers in his 1987 book Kaizen New York: Free Press, 1987.

    Lean Thinking


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