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  • n. A brownish-green New Zealand parrot (Nestor meridionalis).

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  • n. Any of four taxa of birds in the genus Nestor in the parrot family confined to New Zealand and adjacent islands.

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  • n. A New Zealand parrot of the genus Nestor, especially the brown parrot (Nestor meridionalis).

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  • n. A parrot of the genus Nestor, peculiar to New Zealand. The common kaka is N. hypopolius, and the mountain kaka N. notabilis. See Nestor.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Maori kākā, from Proto-Polynesian *kākā, from reduplication of *kā, to screech.

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From Maori kākā


  • The word 'cake' is said to have coined as early as 13th century and is said to have derived from 'kaka' - an Old Norse word.

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  • Udinese - Milan sam: kaka kaka - cheeky backheel gone to waste Copa Del Rey Champions! sid: The key to piercing the bus is having midfielders shooting from long range.

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  • However, having paid an amazing £100 million on 'Buy It Now' - shattering the prior fee record for any player - the club were despondent to be sent a bucket of fresh horse 'kaka' instead.

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  • Their father's friend then introduced them to a new intermediary, calling him their "kaka" (uncle).

    Mohammad Razai: from child Afghan asylum seeker to Cambridge undergraduate

  • There is also a very rare and as yet unnamed kind of kaka, much larger and handsomer than the kaka itself, of which I and another shot one of the first, if not the very first, observed specimen.

    A First Year in Canterbury Settlement

  • We have a great support staff, Kirsten and Paddy Upton, Nitin Patel (physio), Ramesh Mane 'kaka' (masseur), Ramji (trainer) and Dhananjai

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  • well, she just wrote me that the smell of "kaka," as she puts it, almost made her faint and she's got a headache because of it heheeh nurses get paid...

    Human lungs, breathing.

  • Somebody took a little food and left it outside for the crows -- a ritual called "kaka shadham", or "crows' rice", in Tamil, to return part of the food to nature.

    Deepa S. Iyer: The Sacred Act Of Eating: A Hindu Foodie's Daily Ritual

  • Due to the many demands on my time working with authors I have chosen to actually interact with, I will not be able to tell you where to go with your manuscript in person, but I can offer the following generic observations based on my extensive experience with many other manuscripts similar to "[Loser's loserish name for the pile of kaka he has festering next to his bed in his mom's basement]".


  • They play music and smoke cigarettes and drink beer and make jokes about kaka.

    Danna Harman: Couch Surfing and Me


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  • But never both in the same body.

    Also k�?k�?.

    February 9, 2008

  • Also a Brazilian footballer.

    February 9, 2008

  • Any of several New Zealand parrots of the genus Nestor, especially N. meridionalis,, with predominantly greenish and olive-brown plumage.

    February 8, 2008