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  • n. A stringed instrument with three metal strings, played with a bow. Common among peoples of Caucasus, Anatolia and the Near East.


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From Persian کمانچه (kamânče).


  • Few in the West have heard its authentically Persian sound, but now the classical, Persian stringed instrument known as a kamancheh is being heard in an unlikely place - the mid-western U.S. state of Ohio.

    Classical Iranian Music Gets a New Audience

  • After mere seconds from Kalhor's kamancheh - an Iranian viol - one realized what Brooklyn Rider lacks.

    Brooklyn Rider quartet offers generic fusion, Iranian star

  • A musician this brilliant should not have to play second fiddle - or, in this case, second kamancheh.

    Brooklyn Rider quartet offers generic fusion, Iranian star

  • “You close your eyes; you start playing, and you kind of get lost in the music,” said Shayan Parsai, a 21-year-old college student who plays the kamancheh.

    Classical Iranian Music Gets a New Audience

  • Instead, Parsai learned to play kamancheh by watching videos of Kayhan Kalhor - widely considered the modern-day master of this ancient instrument.

    Classical Iranian Music Gets a New Audience

  • Opening disc one of the double-album, Brooklyn Rider Plays Philips Glass Orange Mountain Music, the eight movements are exquisitely rendered by the two-violin/viola/cello group that initially made its mark on the gorgeous 2008 collaboration with Iran kamancheh master, Kayhan Kalhor, Silent City.

    Derek Beres: Global Beat Fusion: Philip Glass to Cinematic Sufis

  • They collaborate with very interesting groups of people, New York singer-songwriters, Kurdish kamancheh players, electronics people.

    Brooklyn, Iceland And Outer Space: New Classical CDs

  • This concert includes an Arabian waltz, a traditional Chinese song and an original piece by Kayhan Kalhor, an Iranian of Kurdish descent who is a virtuoso of the kamancheh, an instrument similar to a violin.

    Time Off

  • He now knows how to perform with the kamancheh , a Persian bowed instrument, and has worked with many tabla players and mugham singers. Chronicle

  • But this structure owes a debt to the kind of music commonly used by some of Brooklyn Rider's longtime collaborators from other musical styles, most notably the Iranian kamancheh virtuoso



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  • Also kamencheh, kam�?nche, kam�?ncha or qyamancha; a Persian instrument related to the violin that is played with a variable-tension bow. It consists of a round body made from gourd or wood that acts as a sound box; it's covered with a thin sheepskin or fish-skin membrane. Traditional kamanchehs have three silk strings, although modern ones have four metal strings. A spike at the bottom of the instrument supports the kamancheh while it is being played. It is widely played in classical Mugham music of Iran, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, with slight variations in structure.

    March 20, 2008