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  • n. Buckwheat groats.

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  • n. A porridge made from boiled buckwheat groats, or sometimes from other cereal groats.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Russian, from Old Russian.

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From Russian каша (kaša, "porridge, gruel") or Yiddish קאַשע (kashe).


  • The kasha is combined with a hefty helping of slowly carmelized onions, the sauteed fresh and dried mushrooms, and a glop of the sesame oil, as well as salt and pepper.


  • When it is good kasha varnishkes, it is technically called kasha vanishes.

    The Indignity of Commuting by Bicycle: The Wurst of Times

  • The main component of Japanese soba noodles, as the porridge-like dish used in Poland and Russia known as kasha, buckwheat is now becoming more popular in North America as a gluten-free grain that can potentially help with blood pressure and cholesterol control. Top Stories

  • By Dana Jacobi - Buckwheat is one of my favorite foods, so recipes using this warm-tasting and gluten-free whole grain, which is also called kasha, appear here regularly.

    Kansas City infoZine Headlines

  • Notes: I served it on top of rough and hearty buckwheat grouts known as kasha, which were a good foil to the dish’s flavors and texture.

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • In its whole grain form, buckwheat is sold as groats, which are greenish-tan in color, or as "kasha," which are groats that have been roasted before packaging. Stories

  • In Slavic languages, "kasha" means porridge - of buckwheat, but also possibly of barley, semolina, oats, or rice.

    English-writing Israeli-bloggers

  • Musical Muscovites will recite these to order, I am told, with tears of laughter rolling down their faces and into their kasha.

    Eugene Onegin; London Philharmonic Orchestra, Janine Jansen/Vänskä – review

  • After the Second World War, Jewish cooking was synonymous with Eastern European food: matzo balls, flanken, chopped liver, kasha with varnishke, potato latkes.

    Boxed In « The Blog at 16th and Q

  • But any awareness of a Jew's distinguishing characteristics came in more sensuous forms: the matzoh-ball soup and kasha varnishkas my grandmother made virtually every weekend; the endearments and comical remonstrations uttered animatedly in Yiddish by my uncles and aunts; the semi-regular gatherings of extended family members for dinner and spirited conversations which would inevitably escalate in volume and intensity.

    Steven Weber: In a Sense, Abroad Part Trois: I's Real, Oy!


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  • Russian dish "kasha" can be maid not necessarily of buckwheat but any other grain (e.g. oat, rice, millet, semolina), although processed differently. For example, in the case of rice it is very similar to the rice pudding.

    January 29, 2010

  • alternatively means something complex and incomprehensible

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