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  • n. A type of Japanese longsword, 日本刀 (にほんとう, nihontō) having a single edge and slight curvature.

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  • n. A Japanese sword which, in its modern form, has a single edge and is slightly curved toward the point.


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From Japanese Katana ( or かたな)


  • That katana is going to need some intensive therapy.

    Happy Friday, Author-Friends

  • The sword that a samurai uses is called a katana, by the way.

    Set Photos: A Better Look at Kick-Ass in Costume | /Film

  • But his katana was a stunning piece, made by a master craftsman—Lord Oda remembered decapitating the man after receiving it.

    Blood Ninja II

  • The katana is the representation of the artist and the picture, the higher self and the lower self, love and will as distinct from habit and memory. '

    The Kaisho

  • I know that you are well aware that since 1582, when Toyotomi Hideoshi became shogun, only samurai were allowed to wear two swords - the katana was the samurai's province alone.

    The Ninja

  • Saika has been referred to as a katana that can slice a soul.

    Anime Nano!

  • As Pike shuttles to Nero to surrender, Kirk and Sulu parachute from space in an attempt to disable the drill - Sulu's got a nifty folding katana, which is weird, because katanas and fencing don't seem to go together.


  • If you haven't got it yet, the katana is a pretty good weapon and the Uzi is a good upgrade on that Ingram you probably have.

    IGN Complete

  • Most "katana" people buy are actually fairly blunt pieces of junk from strip malls.

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • The new artwork appears to show some kind of katana-welding cowboy.

    Nintendo Life | Latest Updates


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