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  • It is widely believed that the expression "kekeke" comes from Korean players of StarCraft.

    Boing Boing: March 26, 2006 - April 1, 2006 Archives

  • I know using "kekeke" probably negates any progress I've made, but I just can't help myself, it's so... so... this face: =_=;;

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • The phrase "OMG Zerg Rush! kekeke!!" is sometimes used outside of the game to indicate any form of overwhelming or swarming force.

    Boing Boing: March 26, 2006 - April 1, 2006 Archives

  • Ada Navi memang berani sebab dijamin tak sesat. kekeke.

    kieli Diary Entry

  • I am constantly astounded by my steadfast dedication to this cause... kekeke!

    Archive 2005-06-01

  • I can oso see u r the sorts that can break the ice with your new clients quite easily by the way u carve them up with your 'chain saw' into beautiful ice sculptures once u r done with them …. kekeke, true or not.

    SARA - Southeast Asian RSS Aggregator

  • Kenny, kekeke at least you know now where to get yr cheese!

    Babe in the City - KL

  • I remember staying up and watching it from my door while my parents watched it naughty badly behaved kekeke ALL I REMEMBER: A man gets shot in the hip …

    Movie Downloads

  • The way the staff using something look like a pen knife to cut the skin is so scary. btw, i can claim $49 from friend as I really shouldn't wasted $49 for doing GMASK. kekeke ...

  • Suzie did you notice the pole that Bae was hanging on?? or is that just my perverted self? keke hoichu haha he's playing peek-a-boo … would you like to take a peek? kekeke his way of maintaining his hair really amaze me haha but I think cuz his mohawk is really short so that's why aaw, seunghyun love < must squeeze cheeks! hehe. dae instantly put a smile on my News


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  • This is an onomatopoeia for laughter. Its origin is the Korean onomatopoeia ㅋㅋㅋ, in which the jamo ㅋ stands for an aspirated "k" sound, like in raspy, half-stifled laughter. (I'm not sure why it wound up transliterated as "kekeke" rather than just "kkk", though.)

    The story generally told is that it was introduced into the English language through the language contact between South Koreans and Americans over the real-time strategy computer game Starcraft. Speaking as someone who played the game around 1999-2001, it was used as a marker for lightly-mocking laughter as one overpowered one's opponent. The classic case would be its usage during a "zergling rush," which is one player very quickly building up a small army of extremely weak units called Zerglings and using that small army to destroy the opponent's fledgling base- a lightning-fast and humiliating defeat.

    Due to the ephemeral nature of in-game chatting and the likely delay before the in-game catchphrase became more widely adopted in other spheres, however, it's anyone's guess as to who first coined the transliteration "kekeke," or when it first began to gain traction in the speech of gamers.

    Incidentally, the same onomatopoeia- with the same meaning- also exists in Japanese, written as けけけ.

    May 24, 2010