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  • noun The Japanese martial art of fencing with bamboo swords.

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  • noun a Japanese martial art using "swords" of split bamboo.


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[Japanese kendō : ken, sword (from Middle Chinese kiam`; also the source of Mandarin jiàn) + , way; see aikido.]

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Japanese 剣道 (kendō), "the way of the sword" (ken = sword; dō = way).


  • Grading: Technical achievement in kendo is measured by advancement in grade, rank or level.

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  • Yuuji says that might not be possible since Tamaki isn’t interested in kendo since for her, kendo is just a household chore.

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  • Harvard chemistry major Allen Cheng, 20, who envisions a career as a physician-scientist, finds pleasure in kendo, a form of fencing based on the art of Japanese samurai swordsmanship.

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  • The movements in kendo are different from European fencing because the design of the sword is different, as is the way it is used.

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  • Oka trained in kendo for 6-7 years and earned a black belt rank.

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  • I think, though, that I won’t be able to participate in kendo this weekend either, which is annoying.

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  • Her father bans her from using thrusts on anyone … Well, she will only be allowed to use it if her opponent is a mature man, and experienced in kendo, and that’s only after she is in high school.

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  • Kirino informs him that Tamaki is also a new member and that she’s experienced in kendo too.

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  • But, convinced that it was precisely at that time of postwar doubt and despair that Japanese society needed the virtues and strength of character instilled by traditional martial arts such as kendo, Mr. Kubo's father, also a 7th dan kendo practitioner and Tokyo police kendo instructor, had set up Kyumeikan after the practice of kendo was allowed to resume in 1952.

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  • The kyu and dan grading system is used to assess the level of one’s skill in kendo.

    Crash Course: KENDO « Undercover


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