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  • n. Kermode bear


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  • Her love of animals led her to watch a DVD about the spirit bear - or the kermode bear, a white subspecies of the black bear whose habitat lies near where Northern Gateway-fed tankers would sail.

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  • ECORFLOW ECUADOR kermode Just listened to the howling of a pack or two of coyotes from the new house!

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  • I would personally love the kermode and simon mayo double act to bring their brilliant wittertainment to television via the taking over of film yyyy.

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  • Nice to see mark kermode has made his way into the minds of Pajibans.


  • A wildlife photographer has described how he came face to face with a kermode, or spirit bear, an animal so rare it was once thought to be mythical.

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  • I now have a wrist bracelet that informs emergency personnel should I become incapacitated. kermode Gov't personnel (esp. elected/appointed ones) should have to pass a common sense test.

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  • I was thinking about this recently during a film review where mark kermode was suggesting we should state sponsor certain national treasure directors.

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  • On Wednesday, Canada announced plans for a new park twice the size of Yellowstone that will stretch 250 miles along British Columbia’s coast and create a protected area for grizzly, black, and kermode bears, as well as wolves, cougars, mountain goats, moose, and salmon.

    Huge New Park: Canada creates 16 million-acre Great Bear Rainforest

  • Posted on Friday January 8, 2010, 17: 58 johnny vaughn not getting a mention? his cv has moviewatch on it plus a massive contract from the bbc which he failed to live up to. maybe if he didnt dick this up that would be payback? but all joking aside, kermode or brooker, make it an hour long show on bbc4 edited to half an hour for bbc1. just as long as they dont do what they do with all their game shows and just make it guest presenter everyweek bumpyfunk

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  • a kermode is a white black bear found on the northwestern coast of North America. It is genetically a black bear, but a recessive gene makes about 10% of the local black bear population white or cream coloured.

    June 11, 2009