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  • interj. The sound of something splattering messily.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From splat; compare kerpow, kerplunk.


  • I was just walking around checking out the flower beds and the garden, stepped in a hole and kersplat!


  • SO I sat down to write last night, the first time I've attempted such a feat since the external harddrive went kersplat over the weekend, taking my entire body of work with it.

    Jayme Lynn Blaschke's Gibberish

  • I think a baby would fall off my back kersplat into the sand.

    Happy End of Ramadan!

  • Data Rescue II worked for me the last time one of my drives went kersplat.

    A pitiful excuse for a post - A Dress A Day

  • The truckers never turned their engines off, and some of them don't run all that smoothly, rumble rumble rumble kersplat chug chug.

    Let's talk camping ...

  • LMAO ... didn't he make an NFL team after the XFL went kersplat?

    Sports News :

  • Sitting at the Zoo Bar one night (so called because it's across Connecticut Avenue from the zoo, not because of its clientele) a dismal epiphany struck me, kersplat!, like a sock full of hog kidneys:



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