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  • n. A piece of colored cloth used as clothing and wrapped around the waist and legs or shoulders.


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From Swahili kikoi


  • Joe Fornabaio Market finds: A fringed cloth called a kikoi, and a handbag made from the chewed bark of balboa trees.

    Off to the Market in Kenya's Capital

  • A little research (which can be a beautiful thing) taught me that a kikoi is a sarong-like garment worn by men in Eastern Africa.

    Men's Second Style

  • There are a few of my good muslim friends here in town who really want me to fast with them for a day, so I think next weekend I will give it a shot I also plan on wearing my man-skirt, a 'kikoi' that muslim men all wear in zanzibar, so that I really go all out on this day.

    Archive 2006-10-01

  • On a recent visit to the market near the Sarit Centre, I was quoted a price of 800 shillings for a kikoi, a colorful cotton cloth used by Kenyans for just about everything -- tablecloths, clothing or a sling to carry a baby.

    Off to the Market in Kenya's Capital

  • He is clad only in his usual kikoi, a colorful sarong-like loincloth.

    African Dreamer

  • A kikoi (from a Swahili word meaning wrapper) is a 100\% woven cotton wrap that originated along the East coast of Africa in Kenya and Tanzania.

    Cook sister!


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  • Kikoi were traditionally worn by men in Kenya but have become the essential, classic garment for all sexes and all ages. In Africa it is worn by men, women and children. Much like sarong (also pareo, a wraparound) pareau (Tahiti), pakome(Thailand), lava-lava (Samoa), kain (Indonesia), sulu (Fiji), canga (Brazil). The sari is more than 5000 years old and is mentioned in the Vedas. Sari (Chira in Sanskrit for cloth) is of varied length, usually 5 yards today.

    April 5, 2007