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  • n. The longhorned white rhinoceros of Africa, Rhinoceros (Atelodus) simus.


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  • It was not such a bad mistake, then, when our people by the wagon took the "kobaoba" for the

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  • The "kobaoba" is full seven feet high, and fourteen in length!

    The Bush Boys History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and his Family

  • South Africa, distinguished by the Bechuanas by the names of the borele or black rhinoceros, the keitloa or two-horned rhinoceros, the muchocho or common white rhinoceros, and the kobaoba or long-horned white rhinoceros.

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  • At sight of the mighty elephant, they scarce any longer gave a thought to the kobaoba.

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  • The two first are "black rhinoceroses," -- that is, the general colour of their skin is dark -- while the "muchocho" and "kobaoba" are white varieties, having the skin of a dingy whitish hue.

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  • The huge body of the elephant coming suddenly into "his sunshine," and flinging its dark shadow over the vley, was distinct enough, and caused the kobaoba to get to his feet with an agility quite surprising for a creature of his build.

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  • There was no noise to disturb him -- even the kobaoba for the moment was quiet.

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  • The kobaoba came on in a direct line for the lake; and as he drew near, they could see him heading for the gorge that led into the little cove.

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  • It was for the lower end of the lake the kobaoba was making -- no doubt with him an old and favourite drinking place.

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  • What Swartboy meant by this was that the animal in question was a large species of rhinoceros, known among the natives as the "kobaoba."

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  • The African white rhinoceros.

    October 12, 2011