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  • n. Dried seaweed eaten as food, often used to flavor stock.

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  • n. Edible kelp used in East Asian cuisine

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  • n. A Japanese coarse, edible seaweed, also called kobu (which see), great quantities of which are gathered on the coasts of Yezo and elsewhere and prepared for use as pickles, seasoners, relishes, vegetables, sweetmeats, and, in powdered form, as tea. See the extract.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Japanese, species of brown seaweed.

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From Japanese こんぶ


  • Dried kelp called kombu is what anchors the stock.

    Celeriac Miso Soup

  • Seaweed of the horse of the God '; [4] also the seaweed kombu, which is a symbol of pleasure and of joy, because its name is deemed to be a homonym for gladness; and mochibana, artificial blossoms formed of rice flour and straw.

    Glimpses of Unfamiliar Japan Second Series

  • Hi, I was wondering, do you ever use that seaweed, I believe it's called kombu or something, when cooking sushi rice?

    Sushi Day

  • Heston Blumenthal, chef and owner of the three-Michelin - starred Fat Duck restaurant in Berkshire, U.K., is a great believer in using umami-rich foods, such as kombu (seaweed) served in his famous "Sounds of the Sea" dish, a multisensory seafood dish that incorporates the smells, sounds and flavors of the ocean.

    Rolling Sushi With Nobu

  • Optional: 1-inch piece kombu a sea vegetable that aids in digestion of beans and adds minerals

    Meg Wolff: Perfect for the Super Bowl: Meg's Best Vegan Chili

  • The bouillabaisse is clarified and turned into a consommé, with kombu adding a natural gelatin and shaved bonito bringing smokiness.

    Best of the Food Fest

  • Macrobiotic nutritionists often recommend a few tablespoons daily of a sea vegetable like kombu, hiziki, wakame, arame or mekabu is all that is needed; however, "more" is not better -- these foods are concentrated minerals and there is a point of diminishing returns.

    William Spear: Radiation Emergency Measures You Can Take Now

  • Also, for those of us with no access to epazote (like here in the Florida panhandle), an inch-long piece of kombu really helps to eliminate most of those gas issues.

    Austin and basic black beans | Homesick Texan

  • Pour stock through, saving the kombu for another use, if you wish.

    Choose Your Own Soup Adventure

  • Carrot and dashi pur é e: Carrots are gently cooked in a pan and combined with a potent dashi – a stock made from bonito flakes dried fish flakes and kombu – before being blended at high speed to make an intense-flavored sauce.

    Tippling Club's 'Surf 'n' Turf'


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  • Kombu is a kelp, a brown seaweed cultivated in Japan.

    July 31, 2009