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  • My impression is that these terms koori, etc are not very widely known and used in the general population and "aborigine", "aboriginal" or "black people" are the most common. ABORIGINES.

  • I think that while those terms aren't all general knowledge across Australia, many Australians have learned that when they hear an unknown, non-English-sounding word in a context that suggests it may be the local equivalent of "koori", that's probably what it is. ABORIGINES.

  • Koori also had a brief life as a term used by people who know that there are indigenous languages but not that 'koori' wasn't the term in all of them. ABORIGINES.

  • I was familiar with "koori" in Melbourne and became aware that it didn't cover all aborigines at the same time I heard "Murri", still while in Melbourne. ABORIGINES.

  • This area is home of no less than seven of Africa's most amazing animals: the African elephant, the lion, giraffe, the baobab tree, the eland, the ostrich, and the koori bustard.

    Edward Lozzi: Obama and Clinton Fight International Parental Kidnappings

  • I don't think I know any of the aboriginal terms referenced here beyond koori - maybe from my predominantly Sydney existence. ABORIGINES.

  • So yeah, it both has the same status as koori, etc, but is also used more specifically. ABORIGINES.

  • Laulukaar - koorik - on projekteeritud selleks, et koori oleks kuulda.

    tatsutahime Diary Entry

  • He also lived with local koori ` s and came back in 1797.

    Article Source

  • Of course the koori tribe were inhabiting the Blue Mountains areas prior to the "discovery" by white settlerrs from the united kingdom.

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  • A term for an Aboriginal person, in use in the southeastern part of Australia. It is not derogatory and many refer to themselves as Kooris rather than Aborigines. There is a newspaper titled 'The Koori Mail'.

    December 6, 2007