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  • Bet STP is wondering why we all 'kopi'talk, must be the banjir getting to all of us. News

  • While Bali Energy waits to start production of a modest 10 megawatts a year, it is exporting vegetables and kopi luwak , coffee beans that are supposed to have complex flavor after being excreted by civets.

    A Power Struggle Boils in Indonesia

  • Downtown George Town's best kopi peng (Malaysian-style iced coffee) is served at Toon Leong (closed Sundays) at the corner of Jalan Transfer and Jalan Argyle.

    A Tale of Two Cities

  • His coffee seems to go down very smoothly, until he informs me that what I am drinking is actually kopi lubak, more commonly kopi luwak, a rare treat.

    One Hour Out: Bali

  • Kate Friend for The Wall Street Journal What makes kopi lubak (or luwak) one of the world's most-prized coffees, renowned for smoothness, is not the variety but the processing -- through the digestive tract of a civet, which digests the pulp and excretes the beans.

    The Java of Bali

  • A department store in London is offering kopi luwak — the legendary varietal coffee consisting of beans harvested from the dung of the palm civet in Indonesia and southeast Asia — at the gut-busting price of £50 (about $99) per cup.

    links for 2008-04-13 « Skid Roche

  • Pall Mal itu ingat kalau musim itu enggan terbang lagi aku masih menatap meja kosong yang dulu kita pernah bertemu dan selalu ingin kutatap matamu yang kosong itu yang juga gelisah yang ingin terbang bebas aku tak ingin mengikatmu entah kadang aku harus ingatkan diriku pada suntuk cangkir kopi yang berat sepanjang pagi kuingat sayup hari itu

    Pall Mal itu ingat?

  • Dua jam aku setengah sadar, padahal aku tak minum bir, hanya seharian aku menghabiskan dua gelas kopi dan ini kopi ketiga yang akan membuatku terjaga.

    Catatan dinihari

  • We took a drive way up north to Mount Batur, an active volcano in Kintamani; on the way, we visited a coffee plantation and I took the chance to drink kopi luwak, coffee that's been brewed from beans shat out by a civet cat.

    what did we do today, brain?

  • Anyway, I think ur style not my style very sui, I kopi can?



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