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  • n. Hinduism Energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine until it is activated, as by the practice of yoga, and channeled upward through the chakras in the process of spiritual perfection.

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  • n. yoga An energy said to lie coiled at the base of the spine, which can be released by yoga.


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Sanskrit kuṇḍalinī, from feminine of kuṇḍalin-, coiled, spiral, from kuṇḍalam, ring, coil, perhaps of Dravidian origin.

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From Sanskrit कुण्डलिनी (kuṇḍalinī, "coiled").


  • My friends asked me about what I was seeing, and insisted I was experiencing what Indian mystics call a kundalini activation.

    Twenty-three-year-olds shouldn't be writing memoirs (Ch 3)

  • This knowledge belongs to a branch of yoga called kundalini yoga, a specialized branch of the path of raja yoga.

    The Sivananda Companion To Meditation

  • Sexual energy (called kundalini in Eastern terminology) is supposedly housed in the root chakra (a spiritual center located in the genital area) and can be channeled through other chakras, or spiritual centers, to the crown chakra located at the top of the head.


  • These exercises heighten the presence of life energy, or vitality, which the ancient masters called kundalini.

    Meditation as Medicine

  • With Bonanza Jellybean's permission, and against my explicit orders, she's been coercing the guests into trying something called kundalini yoga.

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

  • In tantra, as explained in the Mahanirvana Tantra, Shakti has nearly always been defined as kundalini, and Shiva, the male aspect, as chetana or consciousness.

    The Times of India

  • Some people go through something called kundalini awakening, which can be feel like mental illness (link below).

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions

  • One of the concepts that lends us some insight about this is the concept of "kundalini" that comes from the yogic philosophy of ancient India.

    Srinivasan Pillay: Viagra vs Spirituality: Mojo Rising

  • Remember, I was young—twelve, a time when what’s known as the kundalini life force energy just starts to rise.

    In the Fullness of Time

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  • Tell cuts his arrow from a branch of mistletoe, a plant of Aryan mythology, and he hits an apple, symbol of the third eye activated by the serpent Kundalini.

    --Umberto Eco, 1988, Foucault's Pendulum, p. 204

    October 3, 2008

  • In those days, chiropractors had a somewhat dubious reputation. People didn't come to Uncle Pete to free up their kundalini. He cracked necks, straightened spines, and made custom arch supports out of foam rubber. Still he was the closest thing to a doctor we had in the house on those Sunday afternoons.

    --Jeffrey Eugenides, 2002, Middlesex, p. 7

    August 6, 2008