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  • ‘Tanager of Carapace’: A kushti is a sacred girdle for Zoroastrians.

    The Best American Poetry 2010

  • TANAGER OF CARAPACE command these maidservants to fulfill duties of the kushti rites we sell fish cassava kola nuts by the roadside give birth to children of soldierrapists in the forests solace solely in dining on old velvet pullets so: we find some aardvarks

    The Best American Poetry 2010

  • Whenever I read some novel about Gypsies and see the ostensibly Hungarian or Romanian Gypsy characters using words like "gorgio" or "kushti" I immediately know the writer has spent a lot more time in the library than speaking with Roma. THE ENGLISH GYPSIES AND THEIR LANGUAGE.

  • It consists principally of prayers and hymns used in the ritual, and is divided into seventy-two ha or haiti (chapters), symbolized by the seventy-two strands of the kushti, or sacred girdle with which the young Zoroastrian is invested on his being received into the Church.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 2: Assizes-Browne

  • Buti kamaben lis sas ta dikk mori foki apopli; buti kushti ta shun moro jib.

    The Gypsies

  • M. sos adoi te lakis roms dye, a kushti puri chai.

    The Gypsies

  • Adre o puro chirus butidosta manushia jivvede kushti-bakeno 'dre o chone, sar chichi ta kair awer ta rikker ap o yag so kerela o dud.

    The Gypsies

  • Awer kushti se ta jin garini covva, kushti se vonka chori churkni juva te sar

    The Gypsies

  • Yeckorus sims buti kedivvus, sos rakli, te yoi sos kushti partanengri, te yoi astis kair a rinkeno plachta, yeck sar divvus.

    The Gypsies

  • Kenna-sig yon diktas te me sos tachi, te penden amengi lender navia shanas M. te D. Lis sos duro pa lende ta jin sa a Romani rani astis jiv amen Gorgios, te dikk sa Gorgious, awer te vel kushti Romani aja, te tevel buoino lakis kaloratt.

    The Gypsies


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  • Romany for something good.

    "Kushti divvis" = good day.

    "Kushti scran" = good food.

    I've just come out of that café. I put some kushti scran in my goshkin (stomach).

    June 15, 2008