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  • n. Lace or laces collectively.
  • n. Something interlaced.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Laces collectively.
  • n. Lace-like work or embroidery.
  • n. An enlacement; an interlacement.


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  • Jaypur marble, with their arabesqued cupolas and lacery in stone.

    The Life of Sir Richard Burton

  • Modyun could make out a lacery of steps leading up the side of the cliff from the garden below -- if garden was what it was -- to the building above.

    The Battle of Forever

  • On the sequestered slopes of the low mountain valleys green mosses once more carpeted the earth, buttercups and dandelions peeped pale golden eyes from the ground, in the teeming crevices of the high promontories delicate green and crimson lichens wove a marvellous lacery, and wherever the sun poured its encouraging springtime light beauteous small star - and bell-shaped flowers burst into an effulgence of pale rose and glistening white bloom.

    The Eternal Maiden

  • A Kentucky brook chuckled boisterously by the hay-camp, tumbling headlong over mossy logs and stones and a tangled lacery of drenched ferns.

    Diane of the Green Van

  • There were loaded pistols in the holsters, fine long weapons with polished walnut stocks inlaid with silver lacery and the initials 'C.W.', the Colonel's without a doubt.

    The Yeoman Adventurer

  • It was a fragile appearing lacery of bridges, winking dots of light.

    Missing Link

  • The summer was now well advanced, and the foliage was so thick as to form an impenetrable lacery.

    The Hunted Outlaw or, Donald Morrison, the Canadian Rob Roy

  • There was a sisterhood of lilies at the gate and a ribbon of asters on either side of the broad walk, and a lacery of fir trees on the hill's edge beyond the house.

    Rainbow Valley

  • Then, she became aware, beyond peradventure of doubt, that the white lacery of silk, molded to her slender form and interwoven with heavy threads of gold, was supremely becoming.

    Making People Happy

  • He made her look up and showed her how the great ferns were hanging over in a fringe of green at the top of the bare rocks above, their delicate lacery standing out like green fretwork against the blue of the sky.

    The Man of the Desert


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