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  • n. Decorative coated with lacquer.

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  • n. a decorative work made of wood and covered with lacquer and often inlaid with ivory or precious metals


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From lacquer +‎ -ware.


  • The burials, therefore, contained a wealth of exquisite items, such as lacquerware, embroidered silk, musical instruments, and depictions of the household's servants -- more than 3,000 objects in all.

    China's Sleeping Beauty

  • These cobbled streets lead past old wooden houses, shops selling traditional Japanese goods such as lacquerware and decorative paper, and excellent small restaurants, where you can get a steaming bowl of noodles and pot of green tea for under

    CANOE Travel Features

  • Among other things, we see variegated works that illustrate how Chinese glassmakers transposed techniques from lacquerware: A long-necked bottle in opaque yellow glass, for example, was once covered with layers of blue and green glass that a master craftsman then cut away to leave a floral relief.

    Art, Technology, Design, Crisscrossing the Globe

  • Porcelain, lacquerware, scroll painting, silk tapestries and other art forms flourished during the Yuan, established in 1271 by Khubilai Khan, China's first Mongol ruler and grandson of the great conqueror Genghis Khan.

    NYC Exhibit Unveils Rich Treasures Of Yuan Dynasty

  • And artworks — thrones, screens, murals, calligraphy and painting, lacquerware and bronzes, scholar's rocks and stone carvings.

    A Paradise of Illusion

  • Its royal treasures showed how Roman glass, Indian carved ivory furniture and Chinese lacquerware traveled across the Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean.

    Afghanistan's Golden Legacy

  • Successful lacquerware manufacturers in Burma and silk weavers in Laos walk buyers through the process, from raw material to finished good.

    Why We Can't Stop Shopping

  • On the side he built small factories, constructed trade show stalls and designed lacquerware shops for Ho Chi Minh City's burgeoning tourist trade.

    Global By Design

  • Ornate stained glass, cleverly wrought Japanese sword guards, antique lacquerware, collections of porcelain, intricate Indian carvings, woodblock prints and other extraordinary ornaments, were all ingeniously disposed like elements in a marvelous, color-filled mosaic.

    Michael Henry Adams: Great Houses of New York: Louis Tiffany's Treasure Trove!

  • Next stop was the sumptuous lacquerware work area.

    Handicrafts Institute and Lukang


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