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  • A bit off-topic, but if you verlanize the Swedish word 'lagom', you get the Norwegian and perhaps Swedish as well... LAGOMDUKTIG.

  • Sweden has a culture of modesty: the ultimate goal is to be 'lagom' (meaning 'just right').

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  • Perhaps what is needed is an introduction of the Swedish concept "lagom" (just right) to the area of alcohol consumption.

    The Local - Sweden's news in English

  • Google Chrome and the future of browsers | af Chris Messina – Et godt writeup omkring Google Chrome og dens betydning for browsermarkedet [...] deep. edition » Kroma dig lagom on Sep 2nd at 2pm

    Google Chrome and the future of browsers | FactoryCity

  • The title "is a combination of two more or less 'untranslatable' words: lagom (just enough, just right) and duktig (clever, smart)." LAGOMDUKTIG.

  • With good decisions, the near-future economy will more closely resemble the Swedish ideal of "just enough," or lagom - a cultural understanding that there is an ideal amount of energy and materials for any given purpose.

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  • Varför vet vi inte, och det är tråkiga nyheter för alla som sett fram emot kakans återkomst lagom till vintern.

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  • Vad ska man tycka för något smart och lagom kritiskt om en Acemoglu-artikel i AER undrar du.

    Berghs Betraktelser

  • Unlike the idea that "just enough" means "it'll do" -- which suggests some sort of lacking -- lagom expresses that there is something that is "just right."

    Fast Company

  • P.J O’Rourke had an excellent description of Swedish uniformity in his book, “Eat the Rich”. the chapter on Sweden describes the uniquely Swedish concept of “lagom” well….

    Think Progress » POLL: Bush Disapproval Rating At 61 Percent, An All-Time High


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  • Swedish

    December 7, 2008

  • A Finnish term with no exact parallel in English but which is best approximated by the idea of an amount of something which is just right for what is needed. A equivalent of 'not too much, nor too little' achievement.

    December 7, 2008