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  • n. Alternative form of laissez faire.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. Same as laisser-faire.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. with minimally restricted freedom in commerce


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  • The era that deserves most to be associated with the term "laissez-faire" coincided with the classical gold standard of 1881-1914, when the industrialized world based its financial system on gold, a metal of essentially inelastic supply.

    Fiat Money in Crisis

  • Even early in the book, there are signs that politics isn't Mr. Raban's forte, as when he describes the federal government's practice of subsidizing timber companies rather than regulating them with the term "laissez-faire."

    An Englishman Lights Out

  • The full range of ideas and reforms Morris introduced, from the bank to the repeal of tender laws, can be readily bound together under the rubric of laissez-faire, free market economics.

    Robert Morris

  • Discovery in this matter rolled over the course of seven months during which the defendant exhibited what charitably might be described as a laissez-faire approach. News

  • While outside the social sciences, the terms used in public discourse to refer to the neoclassical paradigm have changed over the decades, currently the terms laissez-faire conservative and libertarian are most often used to refer to it.


  • In a stunning reversal of laissez-faire and a repudiation of the American devotion to free and competitive markets, the NIRA and the National Recovery Administration NRA, which put the law into practice, suspended all federal antitrust laws and created cartels of businesses in every major industry that—instead of market forces—decided how much products would cost, how much workers would make, and how much companies would produce.

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • “One of these was the conclusion that our pluralistic system—laissez-faire in industry, checks and balances in government, and so on—must be shaped into a unity if its inherent conflicts, beginning to be so serious, were not to destroy us.”

    A Renegade History of the United States

  • Why, then, does my town board seem to be stuck in the laissez-faire politics of another era?

    Jay Michaelson: Why I'm Running for Putnam Valley Town Board

  • They are steeped in unexamined nostrums, whether about American's special, sanctified role in history, or the absolute authority of laissez-faire economics.

    Van Gosse: A Modest Proposal (to Help Fix American Education)

  • Instead, first Clinton and then the idiot Bush continued the laissez-faire approach and sixteen years of settlement expansion ensued.

    Matthew Yglesias » Five State Solution


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  • "For these, nationalisation may be the best option. That is hard to swallow in the land of laissez-faire capitalism, even today."

    Bailing out the banks

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