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  • v. Present participle of lambaste.


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  • I dearly wish the Dems would begin lambasting Republican obstructionism, and when they have a moment where they're tired of saying that, they'd use that moment to lambaste the media for having a conservative bias.

    Poor, poor pitiful him

  • All he'd have to do is play that tape of Baldwin lambasting his daughter, and it would be over.

    Senator to actor: 'Make my day'

  • In addition to revealing a breathtaking dishonesty in lambasting a legislator for failing to join an effort which she, in point of fact, led, this ad brazenly threatens the bipartisan consensus on Israel by signaling to Democrats that the right wing may attack them as insufficiently supportive of Israel no matter what letters they sign or votes they take.

    Hadar Susskind: Whither the Bipartisan Consensus on Israel?

  • I see no reason to insult people who it seems seek to help make things better nor do I see the logic in lambasting something that was not forced upon you.

    The Jaunty Jackalope Hops Aboard Ubuntu’s Ark - Bits Blog -

  • I thought that a new translation of the Book of Psalms was a strange choice for Wood's first review, since he really has made his name lambasting novelists and I am unsure of his background in poetics – at least no essay comes to mind.


  • He also received a lambasting from the Polish Minister of Sport, who accused him of being a liar, though, Webb showed he possesses a wry sense of humour when told he had had a 25,000 pound bounty put on his head.

  • A 2007 letter under his name lambasting a CBC reporter for feeding questions to a Liberal

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • Faith and Action’s Rob Schenck, a perennial religious-right adviser and gadfly, moderated and wasted no time in lambasting the Rev.E. Terri LaVelle, the Obama campaign’s senior religious adviser, who had committed to attend but cancelled at the last minute.

    sarah posner’s fundamentalist #50

  • The public reaction - over-hyped by the media, who typically glorified in lambasting C4 while gleefully repeating the offensive remarks - demonstrated far better than any Ofcom ruling the contempt in which views such as Jade’s are widely regarded by substantial numbers of the liberal, tolerant viewing public.

    Ofcom: interfering busybodies or upholding standards?

  • Lee Hooker and Bob Dylan) has seemed like Jones's most provocative move for ages, thanks to a leaked e-mail from a vice-president at his record label lambasting the album as a 'sick joke'.



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