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  • adj. having relatively large leaves


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  • Elm, ash, gean, the wild cherry, and the rare native large-leaved lime, Tilia platyphyllos, also grow in these woods, and stripes of alder wood follow the swampy seepage from springs and wells higher up.


  • Fynbos/Thicket Mosaic, as its name implies, is a mixture of fynbos elements (mainly ericoid shrubs and restioids) and large-leaved subtropical shrubs (Cassine and Maytenus, both in the family Celastraceae; Sideroxylon spp., in the family Sapotaceae; Rhus spp. in the family Anacardiaceae).

    Lowland fynbos and renosterveld

  • Above 900 m. in altitude, there are smaller trees and palms such as Pithecellobium longifolium, Euterpe precatoria, Geomoma oxicarpa and the arborescent fern Trichipteris procera; many vascular epiphytes, Vriesia elata, Guzmania lingulata, large-leaved understory plants Calathea insignis, Diffenbachia longisphata; mosses and hepatics, Octoblepharum albidum, Leucomium compressum.

    Santa Marta montane forests

  • The adjacent Succulent Karoo ecoregion, dominated by dwarf, succulent shrubs, occupies drier areas, whereas the Albany Thicket, a large-leaved and semi-succulent shrubland, occupies fire-protected sites in the eastern part of the CFR and into the Eastern Cape, where a greater proportion of rain falls in the summer months.

    Lowland fynbos and renosterveld

  • Some palms are present and a there is often a dense understory of large-leaved herbaceous plants in the Zingiberaceae, Maranthaceae, and Heliconiaceae.

    Monte Alegre varzea

  • There is often a dense understory of large-leaved herbaceous plants of the Zingiberaceae, Maranthaceae and Heliconiaceae families.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil

  • For only a short distance, in a gully, there was a copse of these large-leaved elephant-ear plants:

    Archive 2008-06-01

  • At different points on the slopes of these valleys which we now for the first time entered, there are oozing fountains, surrounded by clumps of the same evergreen, straight, large-leaved trees we have noticed along the streams.

    Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa

  • Palms, candlenuts, ohias, hibiscus, were it not for their exceeding beauty, would almost pall upon one from their abundance, and each gulch has its glorious entanglement of breadfruit, the large-leaved ohia, or native apple, a species of

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • Some look as if they had been transported from the old-fashioned villages of the Connecticut Valley, with their clap-board fronts painted white and jalousies painted green; but then the deep verandah in which families lead an open-air life has been added, and the chimneys have been omitted, and the New England severity and angularity are toned down and draped out of sight by these festoons of large-leaved, bright-blossomed, tropical climbing plants.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago


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